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The 1st International Conference on Fisheries and Marine Science (InCoFiMS)


whatsapp-image-2018-02-27-at-120103.jpegIndonesia is one of countries committing to achieve sustainable development goals where Fisheries and Marine are crucial sectors in achieving SDG’s as 2/3 part of Indonesia is water. Since Indonesia has been declared by President Joko Widodo as “Poros Maritim Dunia”, Indonesia endures big burdens, as Indonesia must have significant impacts in optimizing Fisheries and Marine resources in pursuing the sustainable development of aquaculture, aquatic resources and environment as well as food security in the world.


Universitas Airlangga, one of top universities in Indonesia especially Faculty of Fisheries and Marine to intensify performance in being dependable center of excellence of fisheries and marine in Indonesia that performs research, education and outreach activities maintaining the diversity of Indonesia’s natural resources and bringing impact worldwide. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine is the 13th Faculty at Universitas Airlangga with the vision “Become independent and innovative Faculty well known in the National and International Level having the excellence in the field of fisheries and marine based on morality”, continuously improve their performance quality in sustaining aquatic environment to maintain the availability of natural resources, socioeconomics developmentand even exploring new potential of aquatic commodities which are important for human being.


The 1st International Conference on Fisheries and Marine Science (InCoFiMS) is the first initiated international conference held by Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, which beforehand it was held in the National Level. This expanded level of this conference with the theme of “Fisheries and Marine in Supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) achievement” is expected capable of connecting students, lecturers, researchers, government and professionals from across the world to meet, greet, share and discuss about the potential and best practices in the field of fisheries and marine during the period of focusing on SDG’s.


In order to assist students, lecturers and researchers in disseminating their findings, we will cooperate with Scopus-indexed publisher to publish selected papers which are expected helping societies to implement the findings in the focus on developing aquaculture and fisheries sustainable. We warmly welcome outstanding students, lecturers, researchers, government and professional from around the world to Historical City of Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia with competitive economic activities for the future of Fisheries and Marine development.

Prof. Dr. MirniLamid, MP.


Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga


  1. Aquaculture
  2. Fish Feed and Nutrition
  3. Fish Health and Fish Diseases
  4. Fish Processing
  5. Seafood Safety
  6. Aquatic Resource and Environment
  7. Fisheries Socio Economics
  8. Marine Sciences


  1. Dr. Ir. Slamet Soebjakto, M.Si.
  2. Prof. Kazuhiko Koike
  3. Prof. Hyun-Woo Kim





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